At Evenstar Marketing Services, we offer a variety of integrated sales and marketing solutions to help your teams rally together to achieve operational excellence and generate revenue faster and more efficiently.

Integrated Marketing and Business Development Planning

No one understands the fundamental role of your company’s sales and marketing initiatives more than we do. With our extensive life science and CDMO industry experience, we deliver strategic recommendations for:

  • Planning and implementing sales and marketing strategies against your overall business goals, including inbound marketing strategies
  • Developing and scaling new business and customer bases in order to achieve greater growth potential
  • Creating coordinated branding strategies that position your company as an innovative leader in the marketplace

In particular, our inbound marketing strategies are designed to help you:

  • Generate 40% more leads
  • Increase new business revenue by at least 30%
  • Diversify customer bases and markets
  • Gain cost-effective access to new, large, global clients
  • Reduce overall marketing budgets by decreasing reliance on expensive outbound marketing programs
  • Create a community of followers on social media

Four Pillars of Inbound Marketing


Get Found: Drive Traffic to Your Site

  • SEO
  • Web pages
  • Blog posts


Convert Traffic Into Leads

  • White papers, e-books
  • Landing pages
  • Calls to action


Convert Leads Into Customers

  • Nurture your leads
  • Webinars, case studies, free trials, demos


Analyze Your Results and Optimize

  • Review traffic results
  • Evaluate content performance
  • Adjust, adapt, repeat successes

Sales Management

Research shows that more than 98% of business-to-business buyers start in Google Search, and companies who spend more than 50% of their lead generation budgets on inbound marketing report a significantly lower cost per sales lead than those who spend 50% or more of their budgets on outbound marketing channels. By integrating inbound marketing techniques with more traditional outbound marketing techniques, we can help lower your overall marketing spend over time. Using our in-depth understanding of your specific business goals and competitive landscape, we’ll also help manage your growing team of sales and marketing professionals from coast to coast, directing them to execute successfully against your strategic plan.

Closed Loop Marketing

When fully adopted, a successful inbound marketing plan can provide your company with a leg up on the competition and elevate its position as a global leader in the markets you serve. Through the development of coordinated inbound and traditional marketing plans, we’ll work with your teams to:

  • Implement a coordinated brand image across segments and elevate your corporate image
  • Identify new customers for your services as well as develop new market opportunities to sell additional services to your existing customers
  • Develop and manage your sales and marketing budgets
  • Implement effective mechanisms to track and analyze your sales and marketing performance
  • Set objectives and determine the appropriate sales structure to achieve overall success (i.e., reorganizing, recruiting, developing, and motivating staff)
  • Ensure your company delivers services in accordance with client expectations
  • Establish and implement appropriate policies and operating procedures designed to help you achieve your sales and marketing objectives
  • Provide creative solutions to resolve potential conflicts pertaining to customer expectations and internal operations
  • Encourage participation in key industry organizations in order to increase visibility and awareness of your brand as well as position your team as a leader
  • Foster relationship development by encouraging your team to attend and present at key client interface situations

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