Posted on Fri, May 10, 2013

Can blogging be repetitive? ( stock photo)Many traditional marketers are concerned that when it comes to writing blog articles the content has to be considerably different among the. They worry that too much repetition in the same theme is detrimental to their brand.  They ask: "Doesn't this week's post seem too similar to that post we did a few weeks ago?". Sometimes marketers are so close to these products that they are afraid of repeating themselves and ask for suggestions to help the posts stand out a little more. For example, a business has two brand names for the same product; a suggestion is adding the product name in the blog title and throughout the blog to differentiate it.  Otherwise, it will remain essentially the same blog, and that is fine in this instance.

This issue of seeming repetitive is a valid concern.  However, with a blog you can never talk about the same topic too often.  As long as the blog titles are sufficiently different from one another and the body of the blog has a slightly different educational focus, most people won't notice the similarities. Don't forget that your target audience is trying to educate themselves as much as possible before making a final purchase decision, so they can't get enough information - so long as that information is useful and helpful.

You can look at blog posts in two ways:

1. A blog article has a short immediate shelf life

Typically, only RSS followers will see them immediately through their feeds.

2. A blog article has a long shelf-life

The real value of a blog is that the content is 'evergreen'.  What that means is that if the blog article is truly informational, new visitors will find it through organic searches and that is where the true value in a blog article exists.  It will be a topic that people will continue to search for since new users will always come along that want to look at information about your product or service.

So don’t worry about seeming repetitive.  As long as each blog is useful to your audience, they will find them.

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