Social Media Use in the Scientific Community: 6 Tips for Improving Dialogue and Engagement

Posted on Tue, Oct 30, 2012

The scientific community, it seems, is beginning to embrace social media as a way of improving dialogue and communication.  To the general public, the scientific community has seemed like an impenetrable fortress of scientific terminology, jargon and very complex concepts.  We wanted to understand the research more, but we were hopelessly lost when we tried to find out more about the great scientific breakthroughs we hear about. 

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4 Lessons From Zellers on Marketing on a Shoestring Budget

Posted on Tue, Oct 23, 2012

Sometimes, desperate times call for desperate measures.  That was the dilemma Zeller's, a Canadian discount retailer, found itself in last year.  Zeller's had just announced that it was going out of business and had sold many of its store leases to U.S. giant Target.  Zeller's found itself trying to sell much of its inventory with very little marketing budget.  Faced with a very restricted budget - $400,000 vs. the $20 million marketing budget of other big retailers - Zeller's could not do the traditional TV, radio and print advertising campaigns for its final pitch.  It still had to continue to sell product for months to come and do so profitably.

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