Posted on Thu, Jun 21, 2012

Welcome to the launch of Evenstar Marketing’s Blog and to our first ever blog post!

Over time, we hope to share with you some of our thoughts and opinions on how you can set yourself apart from your competitors through the use of inbound marketing strategies and techniques.  It’s an increasingly competitive environment no matter what industry you’re in and how your customers make buying decisions is changing and evolving.

Over the last couple of years, we at Evenstar have come face to face with the realities of the credit crisis and it’s severe impact on the pharmaceutical contract research companies we have worked for.  The pharmaceutical industry was hit hard by the credit freeze.  You see, pharmaceutical drug development is almost entirely reliant on external financing, most of it being private equity financing.  Approximately 70% of all new drugs were being developed by small pharmaceutical companies that were almost entirely reliant on private equity financing.  Once that source of funding stopped, those companies could not continue to develop their new chemical entities.  Contract research companies rely heavily on new drugs being developed to drive demand for our services. This demand dried up almost overnight with the credit freeze.  If you were a small contract research organization with a limited customer base, that could mean certain death.  Traditional sales and marketing techniques were no longer effective.  Demand for our services dried up which left a highly competitive marketplace fighting for “table scraps”.

We teetered on the edge of extinction but then we found our salvation - inbound marketing: a lower-cost alternative to traditional outbound marketing strategies.  We only had one marketing asset left - our website.  As it turns out, it's our biggest marketing asset.  Not only did it help us drive new business growth in unimaginable ways, it changed the way we looked at all aspects of the sales and marketing mix: everything from what sources new business came from to how we interacted with customers.  It changed everything, from how we conducted strategic planning, marketing planning and execution to how we earn and keep our customers’ trust.  Inbound marketing made our sales job easier.  It was game changing.  Inbound marketing can be game changing for you too.

So we started this company, Evenstar Marketing to help small to medium sized businesses find innovative solutions to building their businesses using inbound marketing as the cornerstone for all other sales and marketing activities.

We invite you to follow us to learn and share in tomorrow’s inbound marketing strategies and how they can help you transform your business today.  We look forward to your comments on our articles and please share your thoughts with us.  We look forward to getting to know you better and we would be thrilled if you got to know us better too.

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