What is Strategic Account Management?

Posted on Thu, Jul 19, 2012

Strategic account management, sometimes called key account management is defined as a process-driven approach to managing your company's most important assets - your customers.  To succeed, Strategic Account Management must be more than your key account manager's or any single department's responsibility.  It's a total business mindset where every functional area or line of business must actively participate.  It is a process to acquire a deep understanding of not only its purchasing practices, but more importantly each key customer's business philosophies and strategies.  This requires you to understand your customer "high, wide and deep", forcing you to go beyond just understanding the Purchasing department's needs, but also Marketing, Operations, Finance, Logistics and Executive Management's needs and desires.

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Creating a Keyword Strategy to Maximize Your Marketing Online

Posted on Thu, Jul 12, 2012

Establishing your initial keyword strategy is the first step towards leveraging your online marketing efforts.  If you want to ensure your content is seen by as many eyes as possible, you must effectively generate as many relevant keywords to your business' content as possible.  If you don't have the right keywords, nobody will see the great content you have labored over for so many hours to create.

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What is Online Marketing? The Evolution to Inbound Marketing

Posted on Fri, Jun 29, 2012

Online marketing is very different today than what it was even five years ago.  Today, the cutting edge of online marketing is now called inbound marketing.  In the beginning, if you set up a website with nice graphics and a few simple pages, that was online marketing.  In a traditional sense, it was a virtual store front.  Some innovative websites took it a step further and even let you buy things right on their website - through a shopping cart!  Back then, you hoped people walked by ('surfed'), looked in your store window (landed on your site), saw something that interested them in the window (home page) and walked in (viewed ALL of your pages).  Does anybody remember at the very beginning of browser technology with Netscape?  Netscape changed everything about how we gather and share information.  IBM came out with OS/2 Warp and promoted it with this funny video.  Okay, it was funny at the time but it was SO hot!

E-commerce was born.  That was so awesome and it was fun while it lasted until the tech boom went bust!  Does anybody remember the tech crash of 2000?  My wallet still has nightmares about it.

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Welcome to Our Marketing and Sales Blog

Posted on Thu, Jun 21, 2012

Welcome to the launch of Evenstar Marketing’s Blog and to our first ever blog post!

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